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Netaudio Festival 2009 | East meet West | Berlin

Netaudio Festival 2009 | East meet West | Berlin
at Maria (8-11.10.2009)

VisualBerlin is proud to provide visual support for the Netaudio Berlin festival and present AV and VJ showcases there.
Here is the schedule of VisualBerlin artists involved:

Thursday, 08.10.

- TRIoon - live audiovisual performance of Dr. Nojoke, J-Lab and VJ Ser (Electronic Stage)

Friday, 09.10.

- HilmiKillme, e-gruppe, Kiritan Flux begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting - VJ sets (Electronic Stage)

- Cyper, Yagama, Leinwandler - VJ sets (Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep floor)
- Oigovisiones, VJ del Cuento (Trip Hop & Pop floor)

Saturday, 10.10.

- Disonancia Cognitiva - live audiovisual dance performance of Instant Delay
(Georgina Espasa, Meritxell Campos Olivé, Roger Mercader, Kiritan Flux begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting) (Back Room at 22:00)

- Oigovisiones, Pixel Noizz, Cyper - VJ sets (Electronic Stage)
- N/A AV, Yagama - VJ sets (Nujazz & Hip Hop floor) - jorgk, e-gruppe - VJ sets (Dub & Techdub floor)

welcome to cyper project site. Here u can get a view of his artwork